Biodata Format

As you are aware different companies and employers have different requirements, but something you may not be aware of is that different countries have different application requirements as well. So if applying overseas it is a good idea to research and investigate the countries requirements.

For example in Asian countries Biodata is prominently used in the hiring process. The biodata format (shorter term for biographical data) is usually a one page document containing the basic information about a job applicant. The provided information in this document is the individual’s personal data, education, employment history and character references with lesser details compared to the resume or CV.

Biodata is commonly used in the business world though most companies and organizations prefer the resume or CV. This is because these documents better capture the knowledge, skills and abilities of a prospective applicant over the biodata which provides limited information about an applicant.

Don’t however, mistake the Biodata format as being irrelevant or outdated because as stated previously in some countries especially those found in Asia, the purpose of the biodata is the same as that to a resume. In the Philippines, a biodata is a simple “fill-up” form. It is also used in skill-intensive jobs – for welders, machine operators, construction jobs, and simple house and store helpers. It is important for you to know what your requirements are before applying for any position.

With its short length, the biodata can be an effective tool for the hiring manager to have a quick glance about one’s education and experiences and thus evaluate its relevance to the specific job vacancy. From the past employment experiences written on the biodata, one can correlate it to the future job performances of an applicant.

Although writing in a Biodata format may at first seem simple, there really is an art to it. There is a huge difference between a Biodata that has simply been thrown together and one that has been carefully tailored to impress the hiring manager and gets the applicant hired. At the Job Seeker’s Complete Guide we certainly have products that can help you achieve this result.