After Job Fair

You should also begin networking to try and identify contacts within the company who can assist you. These people may be able to highlight your qualifications with the hiring manager or otherwise put your name at the top of the interview list. It is often helpful to know a person’s name before you make a phone call. With the internet resources available these days, it is fairly easy to find out the names and positions of people within a company. For example, if you are planning to call a company for networking possibilities, and simply call and ask for the head of the department but do not have a specific name to ask for, you may have trouble getting past the secretary. But if you call and ask for “Mr. James Brown”, then you will most likely have an easier time reaching that person. Be sure to be friendly and appreciative of a person’s time and assistance. Also, be sure to take notes on any call you make, including such information as the date and time you called, as well as the name of the person you spoke with and whether you spoke to an actual person or left a voicemail. This will be important information to have when you call the next time.

Another way to follow-up with a company is by sending them a thank you letter by mail. Keep the note short and focused. As well as thanking them for taking time to speak with you at the job fair, be sure to suggest how you feel you would be an outstanding employee for their company and then tell them why you feel that way. Match your skills and experience to the employer’s specific needs. In closing, you should ask them for the opportunity to talk further with them about how you can benefit their company. As with the phone calls you make, it is also important to take notes about when you sent a thank you letter and to whom you sent it.

Don’t give up too soon! It takes effort and persistence to get your name to be recognized as a possible candidate for a position. The more follow-up you do, the more likely you will be to attain an interview.