Use Social Media in Job Search

Let everyone know what you’re up to

It actually doesn’t matter if you use Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter; what’s important is that you make it known to your followers, friends, and relatives that you are searching for a job and what position you are looking for. This will not instantly result to you getting a job, of course, and your contacts may also not know of any job openings at the moment. Nevertheless, you would want them to know that you are searching for a job, just in case a job opening shows up.

Don’t hesitate to network using Facebook

We all use Facebook mainly for fun, but it doesn’t mean we cannot use it for anything else. You cannot just ignore your potential to network there especially if you already have more than a hundred friends. Compared to LinkedIn, Facebook can actually be more useful for searching for a … Read the rest

Careers in the Construction Industry

Finding employment that gives you job satisfaction, a good wage and a decent level of security is not easy. For many people who are looking at improving their career, a job within the building industry is a good choice. Whether you have formal qualifications, or you just have some experience, there are always opportunities to find work within the building industry. While some roles, like architects, engineers and surveyors, are all roles which require university degrees and formal qualifications, not all roles within the industry do. For example roles for labourers do not require qualifications, although experience can be very helpful. A job in a trade like building, scaffolding, welding, plumbing or working as an electrician all require the individual to have served their time, training as an apprentice.

Apprenticeships are extremely worthwhile, and many young people who are struggling to find work in the job market choose to

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Writing Internship Resume

Emphasize your achievements

The fact that you are still a student does not mean that employers are interested only in your education and any relevant experience. You have to show them that you are a capable performer who will help their company achieve ever better results. For this, you need to place a special achievement section at the top of your internship resume.

You need to mention all of the achievements which you have got so far including academic and work-related. Achievements which students can enter include top places in challenges, competitions and academic Olympiads, top performance in classes which are relevant to the respective internship, successful participation in projects and clubs which are relevant to the position and achievements on previously held jobs such as cutting the use of paper in an office by 25%.

Highlight all relevant skills and experience

The ideal internship resume is focused on the … Read the rest

Earn Extra Income

Afterwards, they can set up a garage sale and they will discover that some of the things which they no longer need are worthwhile to others. Women who are stay-at-home moms can host home parties promoting anything for companies which sell cosmetics, food, plastic ware and other products. It is possible for people to share their knowledge through teaching. They can give music lessons, teach cooking, swimming or even teach certain crafts. There are community centers which offer workshops and often need people to teach the groups.

If your house is large enough there are opportunities to rent out rooms for extra income or rent out storage space. Other jobs which can be done part time include taxi driving, making deliveries or even doing odd jobs. The best suggestion is to make a list of all of the things which you have to offer others, the talents you have and

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Different Roles of Sales Assistants

Filling sales assistant jobs is very vital and important. The right people must be chosen carefully and must have the right knowledge and skills to complete the task well. Their tasks vary from one company to another, but the goals are very common and similar across different companies and industries. One part of their tasks is to be the arm of the sales department by entertaining customers who enter the shop and assisting them in the purchasing of the product or service they are interested in. They also have to perform several administrative roles, which may include taking care of records and reporting to appointed people. Reporting may cover sales outcomes, earnings and the barriers to effective sales, if any.

Sales assistant jobs in companies other than retail stores may also have tasks that could include making arrangements for meetings with potential clients, creating sales leads with prospective clients and … Read the rest

Use Temp Agency to Find Job

Depending on the job, two benchmarks that employers use for selecting candidates are education level and experience level. However, a job seeker that knows they can perform the duties of a job that they do not have experience in, can present themselves in a way that will make them a desirable candidate to a prospective employer.

Before a job seekers starts out in the search of employment, as they update their resume, they need to make a list of all their experience and skills as well as past employment. It is important to be honest and embellish the resume and be prepared that if you are a recent graduate or have not been working in some time, you may have to start in an entry level position. Keep in mind that with an entry level job the only direction to go is up and let that be your motivation.

After … Read the rest

Getting Ready to Reinvent

Wanting to stay active in something you’ve created or spent the better part of your life doing is understandable. But that mean s having in place an up-to-date strategy for that inevitable day. It’s about reinvention, planning for that significant change in lifestyle. It’s about reinventing and planning for the next stage of your life, one that can be just as exciting and invigorating as your current role. And it doesn’t mean having to retire.

As boomers dominated the workplace and its’ rules, roles and expectations, so will they dominate the rules, roles and expectations of the next stage of their life. Retiring from the full time workplace, whether as an employee or an owner, means changing the way retirement is viewed and experienced.

  • Research has shown that the key problem encountered by those who retire is ‘boredom’.
  • When they retire, they will spend time and money.
  • Retirement is a
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Accounting Interns

Take Notes When Your Senior is Giving Instructions

This simple job will help your relationship with your senior start well. You will receive an assignment on the first day and it is fundamental you understand the task and take notes as the senior gives you your assignment. If you’re unclear about any of these instructions, do not hesitate to ask. Seniors become frustrated when interns or staffers act like they understand the concept when they do not in reality.

Be Happy About Every Task

As an intern, you could not always enjoy the project you are doing, yet it’s best not to make this dissatisfaction known. Be happy about every project your receive. While a job may appear worthless, it goes far in assisting the group to complete the assignment and keeps everyone’s levels of stress low.

Ask Good Questions

While you are working on your excel spreadsheet or other … Read the rest

Lead Organization Through Change

Organizational change is a fact of business life. Nothing stays the same for long periods of time so the ability to lead and adapt in times of change is vital for business owners and leaders. New opportunities, new products, new business initiatives, new owners are some of the moments that can signal change. Many of these change efforts require significant adjustments in how employees get work done.

Change is never easy. More than half the times change efforts fail or are derailed. Failure of such could results in one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Low productivity
  • Low morale
  • Unmet expectations
  • Wasted time / budget
  • Increased employee turnover

Change is more often resisted than supported in organizations because people are rarely given the chance to understand the reason for the change. First ever step you have to make is to identify the need for change.

The need for change exists

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CNA Classes Online

With newer inventions, modern pharmaceutical drugs and hi-fi medical gadgets, adults are living longer than ever before. While this is good news for humanity, hospitals are bearing the brunt with more patients admitted everyday with more complicated health issues. Hospitals are unable to support patients who just need to take their meals and pills on their own but forget due to their old age. Patients on the other hand complain of lack of personal communication at such huge medical centers.

Here is where the Certified Nurse Aid (CNA) fits in. Anyone can register to be a CNA. You do not need a license to work. There are no pre-requisites. In fact, you do not even need a high school diploma. Registration can be completed for CNA classes online. You can also sign up for CNA class online if you wish to personally take care of an elderly relative in your

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Phone Interview For New Job

Create A Little Mystique

Answering the phone the very first ring will set your employer to thinking you’re easily available and can leave them thinking you’re not worthy. If you want to create a little hype then you’ll want them to know you’re wanted. This is best done by also making sure you’re not available for the first appointment for an interview. Let them know you have others interested in meeting with you so they see how desirable you are.

Speak Clearly

The interview is your best chance at getting another interview or even getting hired. In order to get the best out of your phone interview utilize your most critical tool; our voice. Speak clearly, do not mumble and most certainly do not multi task while having your phone interview.

Develop A Rapport

First impressions matter so make sure you answer the phone friendly and professional. Also be prepared … Read the rest

Your Dream Job Awaits

  • Make your Resume Stand Out
    Many job-seekers hedge their bets by keeping their resumes vague when it comes to their qualifications and the position they are seeking – like the candidates who say they are looking for “an opportunity to contribute my technical skills.” This way, they hope to qualify for more searches. In my experience, however, companies are looking for experts, and people who really want to do the job. If they have an opening for a bookkeeper, they don’t want to waste time meeting qualified candidates who aren’t really interested in the job. Know what you want, and make your objective clear.
  • Proofreed that resume!
    A strong CV gets you noticed first. Make sure you have a crisp, clean resume that reflects your experience and is to the point. Get a friend if necessary to help you root out any spelling or grammar errors. One resume I saw
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Careers Are Idiosyncratic

I’ve only recently learned of Temple Grandin from hearing her being interviewed recently on NPR. That piece made me stop and ask out loud, “Who is that?” She clearly has a message and delivery style that is out of the mainstream. However beyond her unique and unconventional look and enunciation is a powerful exposition about individualism and the priority we should all place on honoring people’s differences when assisting in career decision making.

Temple Grandin has become a renowned spokesperson for the humane treatment of animals and also for encouraging tolerance and civil behavior directed toward individuals impacted by autism-a reality she has lived with for 65 years. Her advice for the mainstream of society goes far beyond telling us to be respectful and kind to people who act, speak, and think differently from the norm. Dr. Grandin is putting us on notice that the talent diversity necessary to fuel … Read the rest